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Acute Pain Service


Allentown Anesthesia is proud to offer our patients a brand new acute pain service aimed at providing unsurpassed postoperative pain control. The components of this service will include perioperative epidural management, regional nerve blocks, and daily postoperative rounds. Our goals are to signifi

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When You Need Anesthesia
If you are having surgery done, we want to make sure that you are safe and comfortable. This is when we call upon our experienced anesthesiologists. However minor or complex your procedure is, we will give you peace of mind through our experience and care.

What Sets us Apart

Our anesthesia team will be there by your side to relieve pain, keeping you comfortable and safe.

Almost every surgery requires the use of medicine and monitoring to keep you safe and pain-free. This is called anesthesia. When you need anesthesia at Lehigh Valley Health Network, our anesthesiologists become part of your surgery team, caring for you before, during and after surgery.